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1984-87 Turbo Buick Injector Harness Hotwire Upgrade

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Part Number:INJ-G75

INJ-G75 - 1984-87 Turbo Buick Injector Harness Hotwire Upgrade

  • Plug & Play (no cutting or splicing required)
  • Weatherproof factory connectors
  • Heavy automotive-grade copper wire
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof relay
  • Weatherproof fuse holder
  • Alternator-direct power for maximum pump performance
  • Extended length
  • Intake-mounted relay ground source
  • SS mounting hardware
  • Spare ATC fuses, wire ties, silicon grease
This Racetronix upgrade harness supplies alternator-direct power to your injectors when used with our G77 and G77 Hotwire-upgradeable injector harnesses.. While gains can be had with hi-z injectors this harness really starts to shine when used with low-z injectors. The factory wiring system was never meant to support low-z injectors where load resistance can be as low as 0.3 ohms (6 x 2 ohm injectors). Current demands go through the roof as injector duty-cycle increases. The factory wiring system starts to drop major voltage through the positive feed side of the factory harness where all the injectors are wired in parallel. The Racetronix harness works in the same fashion as our fuel pump 'hotwire' harness where the factory supply triggers a heavy-duty relay which in turn supplies + power directly from the alternator through a heavy 10 gauge wire & 30 amp-rated interface connector directly to the load (the factory 7-terminal connector is rated at 14 amps max.). People who run low-z injectors and the Racetronix injector hotwire harness assembly will have improved injector opening time resulting in a number of related benefits such as:
  • Reduced cranking pulse-width
  • Improved transitional / acceleration-enrichment fueling
  • Reduced injector duty-cycle / pulse-width under all conditions but mostly under higher duty-cycle / W.O.T. conditions.
  • Improved injector timing stability / consistency at high duty-cycle / W.O.T.

This product was developed to address a few recurring problems with customer's cars. Some customers had bought 14 gauge injector harnesses only to find little or no improvement. Most of the voltage loss is in the + side feed and not in the injector harness itself because at that point each injector has a dedicated + feed. After running some tests we found + side injector voltage under W.O.T. was at or below 8V in many cases. Trying to draw six to ten times the factory load from a stock harness was bad news.

This harness will benefit / work in conjunction with Volt Blasters / Volt Boosters. 
These harnesses will not interfere with any other items wired to your alternator such as fuel pump hotwire kits etc.
Low-z injector drivers (modified factory ECMs and aftermarket PCMs) will reduce average current demands but full current is used to open the injectors. Batch-fire and bank-to-bank EFI systems will benefit more at lower DCs than SEFI systems due to the fashion in which they fire the injectors.

Racetronix harnesses are considered the best by which all others are judged. Attention to detail in every Racetronix harness is evident at first glance. Racetronix spares no expense to ensure reliability, ease of installation and performance.
All Racetronix harnesses are assembled using our computerized crimp-quality monitoring system and then circuit checked for the utmost in reliability. This Racetronix harness is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

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